ASTROLOGY: how does it work? What is it? Why?

Astrology incorporates a sophisticated view of the world, based upon a synchronous connection between the processes happening in the Cosmos, human psyche and the events in life.

These interactions of the cosmos and human beings have been well known to astrologers for millennia.

The stars and planets have an influence on each of us by torsion fields.

Human beings, and spinning objects such as stars and planets have torsion fields. These fields contain not only energy but information as well. The Stars and Planets influence humans directly through these information fields, which are not affected by the long distances in space and time.

All human beings influence and are influenced by, these energies and cosmic objects through mind power, linked by torsion fields.

Since being in a mother’s womb, a baby absorbs torsion signals from the immediate Solar System and the Cosmos in general.

​The influence of these energies on a person’s destiny can be decoded by reading an individual Birth Horoscope — aka a Natal chart.





In professional astrology, a Horoscope/Natal chart, is constructed based on exact time, date and place of a person’s birth. A Horoscope is not a forecast for a week, month or year as can be commonly misunderstood.

I practice Western Astrology. This school takes into consideration the influence of our nearest star — the Sun, as well as the planets of our Solar System and other cosmic bodies. It also takes into account the influence of other stars.


Your individual horoscope is a blue print, your life’s plan made by the higher powers. Professional astrologers  interpret the torsion field language of stars and planets in the Cosmos into meanings and messages of the everyday world that we can all understand.

What is a horoscope and what information does it consist of?

I’ll explain without going into specifics. I’ll talk about a person’s horoscope as it would relate to individuals. In fact, everything has a horoscope – a country, a company, an inception.

Start with: every person possesses a unique code. This is comprised of the year-month-day-hour-minute and geo co-ordinates of his/her birth.

Using this unique code, an astrologer builds a birth chart, either manually or using astrology software.

Imagine that at the moment when you were born, the Sun, planets and objects of the Solar System were all in one shot. And your Natal chart is the snapshot of that moment. Each person’s Natal chart is unique and is based upon the particular positions and coordinates of our Sun and planets of the Solar System at the moment they were born. The unique combinations of coordinates described by birth charts impact different spheres of our lives and the interactions with one another. There are almost infinite possible combinations of the interplay between cosmic torsion fields represented every minute someone is born as stellar bodies constantly move in relation to each other.

So – a natal chart is unique for everybody, because in every birth chart the stars and planets are in different circumstances. They rule and impact different spheres of life, and interact differently with one another. There are multiple combinations of planetary and star interplay and almost every minute another aspect is born as planets are constantly moving.

Each person’s horoscope represents a significant amount of data and multi-layered information, which an astrologer reads and interprets.


“He looked at his own Soul with a Telescope. What seemed all irregular, he saw and showed to be beautiful Constellations; and he added to the Consciousness hidden worlds within worlds”.

Carl Jung, psychiatrist


Professional astrologers use the natal chart to read your personal characteristics, the intercommunication of sub-identities in your psyche, current life calling, light and dark karma, your energy potential, and much more. This is the personal horoscope.

Your individual horoscope will reveal a lot about your character and temperament, your energy level, your sexuality, your dignities and weaknesses, your emotional life and your mind.





A natal chart’s information will tell how a person deals with the world, what are her/his interests and priorities in life. An individual horoscope will describe the key people in life – parents, partners, children and friends – and the nature of these relationships.

Understanding your horoscope will increase your self-awareness.


In the case of children, horoscopes can illustrate those traits inherited from the mother, as well as the father. In addition, astrologers can tell what areas in life children will choose to follow in their path.

I think that it’s very beneficial for a child to have their horoscope interpreted in order for parents to understand the character and their congenial potential, to help direct influence on the child’s growth.

Such traits and tendencies of a child’s character and his or her natural imprints can potentially grow into a talent if developed enough.

This can also work vice versa: an astrologer can point out potentially less-developed areas and in this case parents may choose a strategy to improve this particular area by paying more attention to its development. Alternatively, parents can choose a different strategy of not investing time and energy into this area and only focusing on the strengths.

The astrological analysis can also help teenagers and their parents to find the right career path based on the personality and taking into consideration their life-mission and dreams.



This kind of analysis is also relevant for adults who want to change their career path, industry, or to start a business.



An astrologer can help an individual to decide and choose the right type of employment and industry.

As for business, I can also provide helpful information on the right business niche for you.



Another popular area of astrology is Synastry, also known as love and relationship compatibility between two individuals. The Synastry chart is the combination of two individual’s birth charts.

The majority of my clientele are looking for guidance in personal life, love and relationships.

While reading Synastry charts, I can analyse and determine the different levels of a relationship.

For example, there are people, who can easily live together, they are the right people for each other as they have compatible type of energy, and can live together as a family for a long time. Other couples are held together by passion and a great sex life. Others have intellectual compatibility – as a result some couples can work together and boost their careers, as well as be good friends. Some couples have karmic bonds, and are meant to be together and go through the life together, learning the same lessons.

A new partner opens us up from a different perspective, activates specific personality traits and that is how our many-sidedness shows up.

When analysing the compatibility of individuals by different levels and layers, an astrologer sees if the couple has a future together, as well as the core subject of the relationship.

Singles usually are interested to know about the type of partner with whom they are the most compatible, as well as understanding where and when they will meet each other. Every “when” question directs us to astrology forecasts and future prophecies.






In general, astrology has been in demand for thousands of years and is a good confirmation of the fact that “astrology works”.

If this weren’t the case, astrology would have no followers and not been and become as popular as ever.

Astrology, without doubt, has stood the test of time.


According to astrology, Destiny is largely identified by each person’s birth. Many of life’s events are already laid out in the birth chart.

“We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born”.

Carl Jung, psychiatrist

If you know the exact time of your birth, you can unlock all the information about your life and your future.


With the help of astrology, you can find out your future and make corrections in the present by choosing the optimal variants of the present course of events from the variety of possibilities.

My astrology forecasts allow you, with high probability, to identify when anticipated events will happen. In addition, I can let you know what your future holds.

Astrologers read the influence of the Cosmos and can help you to understand in a higher sense, the events happening in your life, karmic lessons, and even will try to soften any negative setbacks.

Astrology incorporates knowledge about the cycles of time.

I have been taught how to understand this knowledge and to apply it in practice. It’s easy for me to calculate how long a certain state of mind will last, for example, a life crisis.  It is especially important to know if someone is in a so-called dark place in order to get your strength together if it is only the beginning of the journey.

On the other hand, it is important to use your strength to seize the opportunities which life presents you.

In association with a personal horoscope, predictional astrological forecasts are also done for those interested. Some of these and other astrological products are described below.







An astrological forecast for the year of age will reveal what spheres of life will take the most of your attention and energy, will tell you about future events and identify the areas of success and “black holes”.

This forecast is for the particular year of age, it covers the time frame starting from the exact time of your Birthday.


What do you do if you don’t know the exact time of your birth? And even your mother can’t remember as watching the clock was the last thing on her mind?

In this case the solution is time rectification. Your birth time can be reconstructed based on big events, which have already happened in your past.

Even for the professional astrologer birth time rectification is time-consuming and painstaking but still very interesting.

Due to rectification of the exact time of your birth, the full wealth of the esoteric knowledge will be available to you and the forecast will be remarkably accurate.

It is important to know the exact time of birth or undertake time rectification by the astrologer as even a mistake in 4 minutes of your time of birth will give an inaccuracy in the forecast.

Alternatively, you can benefit from the assistance of horary astrology.


If you don’t know the time of your birth but you need help from a professional astrologer in order to make a decision of a particular life situation, horary astrology is your solution. Horary astrology works via astrology of a question.

In this field of astrology the horoscope is built based on the exact time at which the question was received and understood by the astrologer. Horary astrology helps to answer to the questions implying the choice of several options or the questions requiring a simple “yes” or “no” answer.

Horary is also good to sort a specific life situation, which needs to be addressed.

How else can astrology be useful in everyday life? Here comes ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGY.

It helps to choose the right and the best time for the beginning of an important event, such as: starting a business, a marriage, or even an elective surgery (namely caesarean section).

The goal of electional astrology is to catch a lucky break.



In summary, I want to say that astrology empowers and confers claircognizance, also known as intrinsic knowledge. A professional astrologer achieves this by reading your chart and transmitting the occult knowledge to you.

Use this knowledge to build your destiny on a fundamentally new quality level of being.

If you ask me: can destiny be changed?

I think every individual should answer this question to himself/herself. My vision: sure, you can!
















My view is that everybody always has freedom of choice and freedom of will. Firstly, you need to know yourself, your resources, your karma and you can do it by raising your awareness specifically through getting to know your individual horoscope as a journey of your Soul and as a Higher Powers’ plan to your life. Indeed "Man Proposes, Universe Disposes”.


Written by Astrologer Yulia Garvan