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Hi, my name is Yulia and I am a qualified Astrologer.


















Astrology in fact chose me - at the age of just 11.  

First it was my passion, later my hobby while studying for my Masters Economics degree then ultimately to 5 years of serious and fascinating study at the Higher School of Classic Astrology in Moscow, Russia. Here I gained fundamental knowledge on how the Cosmos, Earth and Humans coexist, working together as synchronous influences with each other in a magnificent and beautiful way.


My love for Astrology and Esoteric knowledge led me back to my soul’s purpose as a consultant Western Astrologer practising in Moscow after graduating in 2009, and continuing to support my overseas clients online while  building a precious local practice since my move to Australia in 2012.


I’m happily married, have a beautiful son and surely living a dream in this special country. I can only wish for the same life gifts to you all :-)



















In 2016 I started my multilingual astro blog “Planets n People”.










Over time and probably as a natural progression from working with my own clients, I tend to specialise in Natal Astrology, AstroPsychology and Synastry (compatibility in love, sex life, family and friendship). In these, I help people to better understand themselves, to know how or when to seek higher guidance when that is needed. According to my clients and colleagues-astrologers feedback over time, I am thought to have a special talent for predictive Astrology.


My interests relate to positive changes in life. To understanding the influences of the Cosmos, personal karma and one’s particular place in the world.  My astrologically determined future prophecies assist each individual to excel in pursuit of their own goals and dreams.  Through consultations and unique individual reports I help people raise their self-awareness, to enable them to identify successful directions their lives, and provide advice on effective strategies and approaches in interpersonal relationships.

I love Astrology, it remains a passion and take it seriously. In study and learning to understand and decrypt stars and planets’ language as relative to everyday life events, feelings, behavioral patterns and thoughts, I gained the insight needed to predict the future through the science of Astrology.


Astrology has gifted me a power of Clair cognizance. I’ll happily share with you the greatest knowledge real Astrology has to offer in all its vast variety.

«Julia is an amazing astrologer and very detailed in her predictions. She gives you advice on what you should do to get more success. She told me my creativity would make me money but I’d be more successful overseas and it’s only now that I am living overseas and  many doors of opportunities are opening. Also she is amazing at seeing straight into your soul who you are as a person and how you will work with others in relationships or business.  I would definitely recommend getting your natal chart done and relationship charts.

You will be amazed at what she tells you.“

Toni Martelli, Sydney, Australia

«Hi lady,

First of all, congratulations on becoming a sexy mama! Your boy looks like a little cutie. Secondly, it’s been just over a year since you interpreted my star sign readings that night at F***. So, I thought you might appreciate some feedback on your forecasts. Basically you predicted that I was going to quit F***. and travel (which I did). That I was going to have a health issue / scare (which I did) and that I was going to meet a guy and have the best sex of my life (which I did!). And all three of these things stand out as the biggest things of my last 12 months, so I would say you were pretty damn accurate! Anyways, I just thought I would share that with you».

Belinda S, Sydney

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