Do you need a consultation with an experienced qualified Astrologer?

Hi,  it’s great If you know exactly the time of your birth. Then we can immediately move on to the most interesting thing that astrology offers. If you do not know the time of your birth, then you need to restore it. This can be done by birth time rectification.


It is always worth starting with yourself. In our case, from the interpretation of your individual horoscope (Natal Chart). This is also called “the interpretation of the birth chart”, “the interpretation of an individual birth horoscope” or “astrology readings”, as they say in the West.

Your personal birth horoscope is a matrix. It is the base on which all other astrological techniques are threaded, including forecasting the future.

Working with your natal chart, I immerse myself in your inner world, see your Destiny, character, your talents, complexities and the mission of life. I do complex astrological diagnostics and provided you with analytics in a concise form. The same analysis in psychotherapy can take months and years. Thanks to astrology, you will get the quintessence of knowledge in just a few consultations.

It can be said without exaggeration that the individual horoscope is an enormous amount of data about you and your life, so first of all we can focus on a certain exciting topic for you: for example, on relationships in the family and in personal life, on the career, on your life purpose and karma. You choose.

Are you interested in forecasts for the future?

Excellent! Predictions are one of my favorite topics and I am very good at it.

If you know exactly the time of your birth, up to minutes, then I will calculate and prepare for you the forecasts for the next years of your life.

They will include a description of the eventual and psychological background of your life in its various areas. We will consider the goals and objectives of the coming year, its complexity and dangers, as well as a life strategy that will lead you to success.

If you want to know when the desired event will happen in your life, then I can determine your inner readiness for the onset of this event and, most importantly, the time when it will happen with a high probability. For examples: the birth of a child, emigration, job or career changes, marriage or divorce.






We can consider longer-term trends in your life and, for example, determine the period, how long the bad streak will last or how long and where good things come.

I can choose the right time for an important business or event. For example, I can choose the date of opening a successful business, the most successful time for the birth of a child with Caesarean, a good time for conceiving a baby, for a surgery, for a plastic surgery, for a wedding, for a cosmetic procedures, for starting date of a new job and for buying a property. All individually and depends on your request.

If you want to get an answer to a specific question about yourself, but do not know the time of your birth, then a horar is a solution for you. It works like this: you ask me a question à I build a "birth chart for the issue" directly at the time the question is asked à gives an answer on the horar map, regardless of your personal horoscope.

So once the question arose, write me and I'll help you figure it out.

Ok, let's say you sorted it out with yourself, now you can go to your relationships with others: with loved ones, with parents, with a child, with business partners.

Astrology of compatibility, also known as synastry, will help in this. It can help to choose a good business partner, gain a better understanding of language of love and the needs of a loved one, find a nuanced approach to the child, smooth things over in relations with parents.


What does astrological consultation include?












I prepare in advance for our meeting and look at your natal chart, prepare forecasts for the near future and run a comprehensive psychological diagnosis of your life situation and the people involved.

I guarantee an individual approach and complete confidentiality. My goal is to help you as much as possible to understand the current life situation and sort yourself out, to help you realize what is happening to you in terms of your personal growth and karma. I will calculate the right time for major changes in your life and tell you about successful ways in moving towards your purposes.


Astrological consultation is carried out by Skype, in the format of a video call and lasts 90 minutes.
























Next we agree on an email a convenient time for consultation.


Best wishes,

Yulia Garvan